ACTION ALERT from the New Jersey Catholic Conference regarding the Aid in Dying Bill

On Monday, March 25, A1504/S1072, the Aid in Dying bill will be voted on in both the Senate and the Assembly. 

This assisted suicide bill is a direct threat to anyone viewed as a cost liability to an insurance company.  In an era of cost control and managed care, patients with lingering illnesses may be branded as an economic liability, and decisions to encourage death could be driven by cost. 

The facts are clear – in California, in Vermont, and in Oregon – states that have passed assisted suicide bills – insurance companies have denied individuals healthcare coverage, but offered them low cost drugs to end their lives. 

Please contact your state legislators and tell them that you oppose A1504/S1072.  
CLICK HERE to contact Your Legislators to Oppose Assisted Suicide
In addition, here are links to two recent articles in The Monitor regarding this bill:

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