Diocesan Advisory on a Safe Return to In-Church Masses

Diocesan Advisory on a Safe Return to In-Church Masses

Media reports have indicated significant spikes in coronavirus cases in 21 states that have re-opened or relaxed restrictions.  To avoid any confusion as the Diocese approaches the first weekend of public in-church Masses, Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., reminds the faithful of the established directives:

1.  COVID-19 is still extremely contagious, especially indoors or in closed settings;

2.  The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday/Holy Day Masses remains in effect so that all Catholic faithful, in good conscience, are not required to be physically present in church; live-streamed Masses will continue in most parishes;

3. Anyone who is sick or at risk should not come to church; that is not punitive but, rather, common sense and an act of charity toward your neighbors;

4.  All parishes are expected to abide strictly by occupancy limits/restrictions and other regulations of the Diocese with care;

5.  Masks must be worn (no exceptions), physical contact of any kind must be avoided, social distancing must be practiced, proper sanitation must be observed at all public in-church Masses;

6.  Before attending public, in-church Masses, the Catholic faithful are asked to consider any possible health and safety risks involved.

To view the full set of directives, please visit: DioceseofTrenton.org/coronavirus.

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