In the January issue of The Monitor Magazine

In the January issue of The Monitor Magazine

What will be asked of us in 2021?

It is in the darkest of days, that the world most needs to see the love of God reflected in the people around them. The latest issue of The Monitor Magazine reports on some of the ways we are called to share God’s love with those who are most vulnerable.

As our cover image and IN FOCUS package emphasizes, we are called by an unwavering Church to stand in solidarity with the poor, whose numbers have exploded over the last 10 months. This new issue covers the profound impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on many of our brothers and sisters, as well as the agencies who are working to help them.

At the same time, we need to respond to the ever-growing threats to the helpless child in the womb. As the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is once again commemorated in sadness, Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., has asked us to be warriors for life, and to dedicate this month to prayer and advocacy to end abortion. We all can work to advance a culture in which every human life is welcomed into this world with love.

As we consider the work ahead of us, let us remember that we do not venture forth without special help.  Pope Francis has proclaimed a Year of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus who protected and cared for the Holy Family. We invite you to look for the special prayers in these pages that Bishop O’Connell has shared with us for this designated year.

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